About Me

LifeAccordingtoTheresa.com was created to share eclectic events that are my life.  When I first started blogging back in 2011, it was deeply personal. I wanted to showcase that a dark-skin, plus size woman was beautiful. Back then, "fat" was not fashionable and my "black" was not beautiful on numerous platforms.  By blogging I found a community that pledged size and racial diversity and a helluva lot of CREATIVITY. It became more than just proving a point.  Instead grew a lot by reading other blogs and cultivating the knowledge into practice and empowerment.

I want to be what blogs like Karla's Closet, GabiFresh, and Confessions of a Glamaholic were to me to someone else. The goal for my brand is to continue to change the perception of beauty, preach self-love and care, and remind folks that they are the mastermind of their own dreams. No dream has an expiration date.

At the end of the day, I am a fashion icon in training, Mommy to an amazing baby boy, a chaotically organized woman that loves self-care, getting shit done, and expensive taste. In short, I'm a regular schemuglar degular girl trying to live her best life.