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Thursday, November 29, 2018

🖤Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself...

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I'm back!!🖤 It has been too long since I  last posted any content. I have no excuse other than life comes at you fast, and you must pick up the pieces you have and run with it. Go with the flow and adapt. Since my last post in 2015, I have since fallen in love, become a Mommy to a beautiful baby boy, traveled to some parts of the world, lost and gained some friends and family, cultivated a style all my own, started a new decade of awesome 30ness, and attempted to live my best life.  Alexa, play Smile by Lil Duval. 😂

 Life has been life, full of its ups⬆️ and downs⬇️. But I can't complain. I promised myself before the end of 2018, I would return to the things that make me happy and feel the most alive❤️. So here I am, giving you a glimpse of the life I'm currently building, a masterpiece under construction.

For those that have been rocking with me since Curves Cupcakes and Clothes, thank you. I want to assure you Life According to Theresa (LATT)  will be filled with quality consistent content covering every topic from fashion, motherhood chronicles, house hunting, D.I.Y., travel and much more. I will even be launching my Shop My Closet for some of my exclusive pieces as well as launching my own hair company, The Black Chameleon™.

In life we are constanty changing, adapting and reinventing ourselves. Nothing ever truly stays the same, it changes and evolves. I am going to end 2018 on a positive note and take my lessons into 2019. I look forward to the work and the journey. Most importantly sharing it with you.

Onward and Upward. 🖤